nedelja, 8. november 2015

About the Smile

Today, I arrived to Virgin beach in Candidasa, Bali, Indonesia. It is a very quiet place and not crowded with many tourists. I love those kinds of places. "I must be a lucky guy to be here", I thought and immediately wanted to stay longer. I asked a waitress in a restaurant if it is possible to simply sleep on the beach and she didn't know what to say. The owner of the place heard me and said it could be done, but he emphasised that there is nobody there at night and there is also no electricity. "That is exactly what I need!" I said. It seemed that he completely understood me. He brought me some candles and showed me a location where I could sleep. Now it is 11pm and here I am, alone like probably never before, under millions of stars, listening to loud surfs, I just finished reading a book and now thinking about what I should write for you.

Reading "The Little Prince" on the beach. Book was a gift from my friend Sandra from Slovenia. 

~ About the Smile ~

I absolutely love the way the Indonesian people smile. Whenever you walk or drive past someone on the street, they look into your eyes and if you are aware enough to create eye contact, they will reward you with a huge and honest smile, coming directly from the heart. You are not able to do anything else than smile back.

People smiling in hindu temple. I stopped here to explore some local culture on my way to the beach. 

I realised that people in the West have a lot of issues with such a simple thing as a smile. We are thinking whether a smile would be weird, whether it is proper to laugh in a certain situation, whether we look good when smiling ... WTF? This is called overthinking. As soon as you start thinking about such a simple thing as a smile, you have already destroyed its greatest meaning. If you want to really smile from your heart, you should not think at all! Just smile. Pure simplicity. It is accepting the present moment just the way it is.

If you cannot smile like this, you probably have a huge issue with accepting reality. You are overthinking everything. You never feel ready to smile since nothing is funny enough for you. You don't have time for your friends since you cannot relax in their company. You never dance, since somebody might be watching you. You are not satisfied with your partner and are hoping for a better one. Same thinking goes on and on with everything in your life. You think that you are surrounded with wrong people, things and wrong situations. You believe that you deserve better and that is why you are obsessed with trying to change others, change the situation, change everything. You expect that change will happened around you, not inside of you. If you are not happy with what you have, you don't deserve more. Your mindset is poor and your life is just a reflection of your thoughts. That is why you are unhappy. Your mindset is hurting you and you are hurting people around you. You better stop it now.

We all fail at some point. Capitalism is trying to convince us that we always want more of everything. When we go to school we are challenged to get better grades. Good was not good enough. After school we always want a better job since we want a higher salary with which we will buy a better car or house. When we watch TV, we are bombarded with ideas about what else we need to be happy or beautiful. The whole system is based on the greedy wish to have more. It starts with material things, but it soon becomes a part of us and our relationships. We have to get this under the control. We can do better.

Start observing your thoughts. Do you sometimes want to complain, criticise or express negativity? Try to replace those thoughts with accepting reality. Accept your partner. Accept your family. Accept your friends. Don't doubt. Life is beautiful. Be FULLY grateful for everything and everyone and smile as much as possible.

Good night! Peace!

I had a wonderful sunrise in the morning. Alone. 

I was playing like a child with those waves. Loved it.